Scarborough Tamil Members United To Stop the Discrimination at Workers’ Action Centre

Discrimination of any form is condemnable and tolerating it can only silence the marginalized voices.

Posted in Uncategorized by workers4justice on June 25, 2009

Dear community members, we kindly ask you to take a few minutes to read some serious concerns Tamil members have about the Workers Action Centre (WAC) which is affecting us and our Tamil community in Scarborough (Toronto).

Workers Action Centre is a member-run organization, which works for marginalized workers in need. Tamil workers are close to 50% of their membership and they contributed and built the Workers Action Centre from the beginning. WAC did not respect our contribution and hard work that build WAC.

WAC is treating Tamil members differently and discriminating us. Many of us have been part of the centre for years and contributed a lot to build the centre.

There are many Tamil members, Tamil board members and Tamil staff who worked hard and contributed to build the center, who are discriminated in a similar pattern and pushed out, which is very concerning.

1. WAC’s systematic discrimination towards Tamil members.

  • Tamil members’ concerns are always ignored and placed at the bottom of the Agenda.
  • Tamil committee consisting of 40 members was erased, some of whom are founding-members of WAC.
  • Tamil staff who represented us was pushed out from her job for raising questions about the discrimination, for demanding equal treatment for all members and for forwarding our request to have WAC services in our neighbourhood.
  • Two Tamil board members were pushed out for challenging the discrimination and the process that only helped the WAC staff.
  • All Tamil members who wanted to run for the board, to be part of the decision making, were dismissed even before the process of Annual General Meeting (AGM).
  • Tamil workers who went to the centre seeking help were blocked and treated different than other workers.
  • All Tamil members’ concerns in the steering committee were cut off and ignored by the Staff, while other community members were given chances to speak.

And more…

2. WAC’s Response:

* Ignored and blocked all the ways to address our concerns.

(Each time we tried to raise our concerns in meetings, we were cut off and put off at the end of the agenda. Even we were blocked from bringing our concerns to the AGM using the very by-law that WAC did not even follow. For the past seven months, they ignored, made us run around, and did not want to discuss the real concerns in good faith, but they are only pretending to listen to our concerns for documentation purposes only) As they never want to bring the discriminating staff to table and solve this issue faithfully.

3. What do we, Tamil members Want:

  • We want justice.
  • We want the discriminating staff to be present at the table to really resolve issues in a faithful and fair way and not hide the serious issues and use this meeting as a documentation process, as WAC did in the past.
  • We want changes at WAC that could be benefiting the Centre and to be a true member run organization.
  • We want representation in the centre from staff to board level.

As concerned individuals, please send a letter to WAC addressing this serious concern.

Please look at this blog or the following facebook group for more information and recent news:


Workers’ Action Centre Contact Information:

720 Spadina Avenue, Suite 223

Toronto ON M5S 2T9

Tel: (416) 531-0778

(416) 533-0107


Tell them you will not accept discrimination.

Tell them to sit down with the people who are directly involved in the discrimination to address this issue and bring justice to light immediately.


Discrimination of any form is condemnable and tolerating it can only silence the voiceless people.

P.S. please fwd this to the socially conscious and concerned friends and avoid SPAM by not fwding to people who do not care.

Thank you in advance for your support.


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